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Health Care Integration

There is wide spread agreement that the American health care system needs to decrease fragmentation and improve communication, integration, innovation and accountability at all levels.

This is particularly important when it comes to addressing the high levels of concurrent behavioral health problems experienced within the general medical population. Up to 70%-80% of all medical complaints are considered to be stress related, for example, and depression is one of the leading causes of disability.

Mindability has solutions. Behavioral methods are skilled based, informational and educational. Thus, they lend themselves to technology-forward applications that can reduce staffing needs, while at the same time improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Who benefits?

Any health care organization that delivers primary care is aware of the very high incidence of medical patients with co-existing behavioral health conditions. Every single one of these cases drive up health care costs, and medical outcomes are undermined when these issues go unaddressed. There are simply not enough adequately trained behavioral health specialists available to address the volume of patients at hand.

Thus, any health care organization who values more holistic care for all patients, reduced costs and better outcomes, will be interested in the Mindability approach to behavioral integration in primary care settings.

To learn how Mindability may benefit your healthcare organization contact us.

About Us

Built on forty five years of industry experience, Mindability programs have been successfully used by leading hospitals, mental health centers, government agencies, and individuals ranging from college students to mature adults.


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